Aparavi helps organizations to overcome challenges of long-term data retention in modern, multi-cloud architectures.

Aparavi’s entirely new SaaS platform enables organizations of all sizes to protect data stored both on multiple clouds and premises by addressing the current cost barriers, vendor lock and complexity.

Enterprise storage architectures have evolved tremendously in the last few years. With the growth and maturity of cloud, storage typically has spanned multiple tiers across multiple premises and providers. But data retention and protection techniques have not kept up with the same pace of evolution.

By creating a purpose-built solution that addresses today’s multi-cloud storage paradigm, Aparavi brings to market a solution for organizations to protect their data across multiple clouds and premises in an easy and affordable manner.

Aparavi’s entirely new SaaS platform installs quickly and easily, working with organization’s business continuity plan to ease the burden of compliance and data protection while providing them with the freedom to switch between the most strategic or cost-effective cloud storage vendor of their choice. Aparavi’s cloud-active data pruning automatically removes files that are no longer needed based on policy conditions to reduce storage requirements over time and significantly lower recurring costs.

For long term data retention companies need a solution that is built for tomorrow’s architecture. Organizations are increasingly adopting multi-cloud storage as a cheaper option for long-term retention.

Only Aparavi allows organizations to take full advantage of cloud economics by automatically aligning the value of their data with the cloud storage vendor of their choice.

MultiCom is a reseller of Aparavi products in Finland.