Cohesity was named as a Storage Technologies “Cool Vendor” by Gartner in 2017.

Cohesity delivers a web-scale platform that consolidates all secondary storage and data services onto one unified, efficient solution. Cohesity simplifies data protection, consolidates file and object services, provides instant access to test/dev copies, and performs in-place searches and analytics. All on a software-defined platform, that spans from the edge to the cloud.

Cohesity chose MultiCom as their trusted partner in Finland focusing on our vision on data protection and archiving secondary storage landscape.

Cohesity Data Platform:

  • Efficient, consolidate backup data, files, objects, analytics and test/dev copies with global dedupe and unlimited snapshots and clones
  • Web-Scale, always-on availability, pay-as-you-grow scalability and non-disruptive upgrades
  • Multicloud, integrate with all leading public clouds and create multicloud storage fabric for data protection and mobility
  • Enterprise-Ready, Disaster recovery, data encryption and security, real-time analytics and multitenancy

Cohesity DataProtect

  • Simple, converge backup software, replication and target storage in one unified solution managed through policy-based automation
  • Fast, provide sub-5 minute RPOs, near-instant RTOs and Google-like search of files and VMs
  • Broad application support, supports all leading hypervisors, physical Windows and Linux, SQL Server, Oracle RMAN, Pure Storage and NAS