Oracle is a leading global integrated application, database, platform and IT infrastructure provider. It provides services from cloud and delivers solutions with partners to customers’ data centers.
MultiCom Software has partnered with Oracle over 25 years focusing on StorageTek tape library products and systems. MultiCom has the highest partner certification in the Nordics for StorageTek product line and has delivered almost all enterprise level StorageTek systems in Finland. MultiCom is also focusing on Oracle´s long term storage solutions (Oracle HSM software).

MultiCom has deliverd and is supporting the following Oracle solutions:

  • StorageTek tape libraries (SL150, SL3000, SL8500)
  • Oracle VSM systems for mainframe environments
  • Oracle HSM data lifecycle management solution (previously known as SAM-FS)
  • Oracle Secure Backup software (OSB)
  • Oracle Recovery Manager for database backup and recovery management (RMAN)
  • Oracle ZFS storage applicance for long term storage

MultiCom has also delivered complementary and extended consultancy services along with Oracle ACS (Advanced Consultancy Services).

Oracle technology references and customer solutions, designed and delivered by MultiCom:

  • IT Sevice Provider with several data centers in Finland:
    • Backup application and StorageTek tape library solution delivered and supported by MultiCom, managing 20 PB backup data monthly with high reliability and performance
    • Mainframe HSM solution based on Oracle VSM systems and tape libraries
  • IT Service Provider with several Data Centers:
    • Backup application design and StorageTek SL8500 systems as backup platform with high capacity.
  • IT Service Provider:
    • StorageTek tape libraries providing reliable and cost efficient last line of defence for backup.
  • Finnish nationwide retailer in consumer business:
    • StorageTek SL150 tape libraries as the backup platform.
  • Large telco:
    • Over ten StorageTek SL 150 tape libraries delivered and supported by MultiCom. Key feature: very flexible and modular backup concept
  • Goverment organization:
    • Handling and protecting critical national information. Very high security classified operations backed up by Oracle tape libraries.
    • A StorageTek SL150 libraries as a basis of a critical backup solution.
  • Public organization:
    • Solution based on Oracle LTFS technology, StorageTek SL8500 providing a large capacity for the solution
  • Large telco:
    • IT service organization’s last line of defence for backup data implemented by MultiCom based on StorageTek SL500 tape libraries.