MultiCom has chosen the best partners in the business in order to deliver its customers innovative, cost-efficient and reliable solutions.

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Aparavi Active Archive, long-term data retention in modern, multi-cloud architectures. Aparavi helps organizations of all sizes to overcome data protection needs both on multi-cloud or premises. It challenges the cost structures and complexity of the traditional solutions.
Gartner Group has chosen Aparavi in”Cool Vendor” –report in 2018 as an interesting and innovative company.


Cohesity delivers a web-scale platform that consolidates all secondary storage and data services onto one unified, efficient solution. Cohesity simplifies data protection, consolidates file and object services, provides instant access to test/dev copies, and performs in-place searches and analytics.
Customers have chosen Cohesity storage technology to the top of the Gartner in Peer Insights –list in 2018.


Commvault has been selected as a leading backup and recovery software for seven years running (Gartner: Magic Quadrant for Data Center Backup and Recovery Software). One major differentiator is a full integration – Commvault is a single product which includes all functionality, whether you need archiving, backup or next generation data services (for example for test/dev/QA).

MultiCom Software is the only Commvault, highest level certified partner in Finland (Service Advantage +) and can deliver fully optimized, cost efficient solutions based on Commvault.

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Dell EMC

Dell EMC is the world’s largest storage and data management company. Dell EMC with its partner MultiCom Software is focusing on backup, long-term storage and archiving the most valuable asset of a customer’s business, data.
MultiCom data assessment service can be used for choosing the most convenient Dell EMC solutions for the customer environment.


Fujitsu Finland Oy is a Finnish subsidiary of the Japanese company Fujitsu. Fujitsu Finland belongs to the Nordic countries area (Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and the Baltic Countries).

The global vision of Fujitsu is a Human Centric Intelligent Society which implies an effort for a better and sustainable society by computer technologies.

MultiCom is focusing on turnkey solutions, consulting and increasingly on change management. In several customer cases MultiCom has gained experience in data center infrastructures (servers and backup solutions) and software. In these projects, change management is an important topic.

Hitachi Vantara

Hitachi Vantara is a subsidiary of Hitachi Limited and a significant IT-sector solution provider, focusing on storage and software solutions.

MultiCom Software is a long-term, trusted partner of Hitachi Vantara in Finland focusing on data protection and archiving. It has delivered and supported several Hitachi Vantara customer projects, especially when there has been need for advanced migrations between different hardware and software solutions.


International Business Machines (IBM) is one of the largest and most well-known technology companies delivering solutions for almost all areas of IT.

MultiCom Software is an IBM partner, focusing on archiving, (long term) storage and backup solutions and has delivered several enterprise-level tape libraries and backup solutions.


NovaStor is a solutions provider focusing on backup software. NovaStor delivers reliable and efficient backup solutions for medium and high demand IT environments.

MultiCom’s prime focus has been on the NovaStor DataCenter -solution, which offers large service providers an ideal solution for their backup offerings. NovaStor DataCenter is highly scalable, while also matching medium companies’ needs, especially for protection of virtual environments as well as physical. Thanks to the flexible pricing, it offers a functional, tailor made solution for each customer.


Oracle is a leading global integrated application, database, platform and IT infrastructure provider. It provides services from cloud and delivers solutions with partners to customers’ data centers.

MultiCom Software has partnered with Oracle over 25 years focusing on StorageTek tape library products and systems. MultiCom has the highest partner certification in the Nordics for StorageTek product line and has delivered almost all enterprise level StorageTek systems in Finland. MultiCom is also focusing on Oracle´s long term storage solutions (Oracle HSM software).

MultiCom delivers also complementary and extended consultancy services along with Oracle ACS (Advanced Consultancy Services).


Veritas is one of the leading companies in data protection and data long-term storage.
MultiCom has gained long-term experience in Veritas products through several customer cases.