Backup and Restore

Upfront planning, supervision and testing are the key elements of backup. Good planning saves costs and help to create a genuine, value added and risk reducing solution for a company.

In evaluating different backup options it is crucial to identify the relevant needs of the company and stakeholders, including laws and regulations and the criticality and value of the data. They help to define the best service levels for the company and specify the backup and restore cycle of the environment and the possible extra needs of the critical data.

Once the fundamental definitions have been made, the best solutions and technologies may be selected. Adding later new services/resources is easy, when they can be assigneed a suitable SLA. By using adequate medias and technologies, customer can reach a most flexible and cost effective solution where the backup data may also be used in various other operative tasks, such as version updates, migrations, training, etc.

Any backup solution needs also management and supervision during its lifecycle. When own expertise isn’t up to date or resources not available, MultiCom provides full scale of services from design of new backup architecture to complete turnkey outsourcing.

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