Tape is not dead

Tape technology has returned strong for the “last defence line” of large data sets. Primary usage of tape technology has shifted from the traditional backup to a significant and the most cost-efficient long term storage target. Almost all global large cloud service providers are using tape as the backbone of their huge data sets.

Benefits of the Tape Technology

  • cost efficiency: very low energy consumption, low costs
  • green and ecological: low energy consumption, low CO2 emissions
  • promising technological forecast: by the year 2022 – 128 TB/tape (in 2017 approx. 10 TB)
  • reliable: Silent data corruption is about one hundred thousand (100 000) times more common on traditional disk systems than on tape media.
  • perfect and cost effective for the last defence line following the golden 3-2-1 rule for backup: Three copies of data, two different technologies/media and 1 copy offsite.
  • long lifecycle: latest technology built in the architecture, write and read compatible from one to two generations backwards.
  • very fast when restoring full environments
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