Virtual Backup

The backup environment can be utilized for managing all company data, and for different business continuity issues. Since virtualization has become more common, backup solutions for only virtual environments have also emerged and virtual backup can easily be done with the traditional backup solutions. Most of them enable a user friendly work load transfer from platform to another or to public cloud. It is also possible to backup cloud workload and restore it in own virtual environment of another cloud service.

By combining the snapshot function of the disk array with virtual backup, the backup workload is completely offloaded from the production system. Also large entities are thus restorable in a few minutes – no waiting time for data transfer from backup platform to production.

MultiCom has solutions for a company’s virtual platforms, such as VMware, Microsoft Hyper-V, Citrix XEN, Nutanix Acropolis, Red Hat Enterprise, Oracle VM, KVM, Docker, Huawei FusionCompute, Solaris Zones, IBM LPAR/WPAR and OpenStack, as well as public platforms, Amazon (AWS), Google and Microsoft Azure –workload protection.

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