Backup and Recovery – Chaos or Managed Chaos

Protection for unpredictable accidents

Backup is typically a subject which is not considered to be a primary topic and once implemented is not monitored nor looked after. With careful planning, clever implementation and continued testing, backup and restore solution produces additional value and is an important part of the operational risk management. Good planning in correlation with business and operations is a key for cost efficiency.

To implement backup, it is crucial to discover a company’s own and stakeholders’ relevant needs, responsibilities, laws and regulations and the value of data (how critical different data sets are for the organization). Based on the previous criteria, different service levels (SLAs) can be defined where data sets can then be assigned (for example Platinum, Gold, Silver). These service levels define, how often backup is performed (RPO – Recovery Point Objective) and how quickly the recovery should be completed, if necessary (RTO – Recovery Time Objective). Service levels typically also define if external DR copies should be taken and where the data is stored, etc.

When these fundamental definitions have been made, appropriate technologies and solutions can be selected for each SLA levels. Additionally, adding new services/resources is easy – just assign them to a suitable SLA.

By using right medias (ssd, disc, tape, cloud) and technologies (deduplication, crypting, snapshot, replication, compression) customer can reach a most flexible and cost efficient solution which also provides additional use cases like;

  • Training – with production data but without disrupting the production environment
  • Version upgrades – test upgrade before implementing it to production
  • Dev/Test/QA – simulate using production data and easily scale to cloud if required
  • Migrations – move services quickly from physical servers to virtual platforms (P2V, P2C)

Backup solution needs management and supervision during its lifecycle. If it is not monitored continuously and, for example, restore operations are not tested in practice, very unpleasant situations may occur – when critical restore is needed, data might not be not found or it is not restorable.

When own expertise is not up to date or resources are simply not available, it is advisable to rely the planning and operations to an expert, who does it on daily basis. MultiCom provides full scale of services from design and implementation of a new backup architecture to migration and upgrade of the existing ones. MultiCom can also offer Backup and Restore as a turnkey solution – BRaaS – regardless in which DC it is located and who owns the infrastructure. Service can be customized for specific needs and different service components can be agreed separately (design, testing, migration work etc.)

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