Data Analysis, Tiering and Archiving

1. Analyzing and understanding the Data

Stored data becomes old and cold surprisingly fast. Data analysis services from MultiCom help you to find out the activity level and the usage frequency of the data. Usually the over 90 days old data is addressed very rarely. There are many other criteria to classify the data than just the aging factor, e.g. the file type, size and/or owner. Based on various criteria for each organization data tiering could be automated to move the data to more suitable and cost efficient storage devices. Deletion of the inaccurate and unnecessary data could be also automated while the data lifecycle management is handled by an archiving solution.

2. Archiving and tiered Storage Solutions

When implementing MultiCom’s archiving or tiered storage solutions, the storage capacity can be released from the primary/production tier to a more cost efficient location.

Archiving in this context means an application level management by moving data for example from the email or SharePoint solution to more cost efficient storage devices.

A tiered storage and a long term storage solution means unstructured data transfer to lower cost storage tiers, e.g. tape libraries or dedup and compressed disk solutions.

Data access is performed with a shortcut link to the archived data. Thus the solution is transparent to all users or applications with access rights to the data. A typical advantage in implementing an archiving solution is the reduction of the backup volumes and windows. Significant cost and resource savings with the operation benefits are the driving reasons for an archiving and tiered storage solution.

Using the tape for long term storage allows significant cost and environmental savings and protects the data better in a long run (a silent data corruption and a bit rot are decades lower on tape compared to disk).

3. Archiving Solution Implementations

Based on the experience over decades and with a close co-operation with the leading vendors, MultiCom has implemented a huge amount of email, file and SharePoint archiving solutions to various customers and organizations. Following solutions have been used:

  • EMC SourceOne email archiving solutions
  • Symantec/Veritas Enterprise Vault email/file archiving solutions
  • EMC DiskXtender file archiving solutions
  • Commvault SharePoint-/file archiving solutions
  • EMC Centera object storage

4. Long term Archiving/tiered Storage Implementations

MultiCom has implemented longterm storage solutions for multiple customers using the following technologies:

  • Hitachi Content Platform
  • Hitachi Data Ingestor
  • Oracle HSM (SAM/QFS)
  • Oracle tape libraries

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