Backup and Recovery as a Service (BRaaS) – “Lite”

MultiCom introduces a light way of having data protection for an organization. Leave backup monitoring as well as occasional operations to MultiCom’s new Backup and Recovery as a Service – ”Lite”.

Backup and Recovery as a Service – ”Lite” includes

  • Storage assessment by MultiCom
    • Producing a vendor independent, comprehensive overview of the environment
  • Customer’s backup/storage infrastructure analysis (hardware and software)
    • Including hardware (firmware) and software upgrades when necessary
  • Regular monitoring and periodical tracking- and development meetings
    • Monthly backup summary including statistics
    • Support service and agreed/required operations (separately invoiced per hour)

Separately invoiced operations (examples):

  • Operating the backup environment
    • Recovery operations, configuring backups etc.
    • Change management (configuring the new environments, removing the unnecessary)
  • Technology and capacity updates and upgrades
  • Other production and management operations
  • Customer specific services (for example recovery tests, QA etc.)

Backup and Recovery as a Service – ”Lite” is a practical solution for organizations lacking sufficient resources or wishing to minimize risks by using experienced professionals on specific tasks or simply wishing to avoid large investments at their current economic situation.

Backup and Recovery as a Service – ”Lite” is a cost effective backup service which allows you to sleep well and worry less.

Backup and Recovery as a Service – ”Lite” uses a customer’s existing data protection solution (hardware/software).

In addition to the storage assessment, a standard service includes

  • Backup monitoring once a week
  • Monthly summary of data protection status (emailed to customer)
  • Semi-annual production meeting at the customer’s site
  • MultiCom phone and email support on weekdays between 8 am and 4 pm.
  • Agreed instructions and/or operations invoiced separately on hourly basis


Service implementation fee

  • 1 125 € (VAT 0 %)
  • In case the customer already has a MultiCom storage assessment, the fee will be reimbursed

Basic service fee (fixed/monthly)

  • 300 €/month (VAT 0 %)
  • Contract period (min) 12 months

Separate operations and other agreed work

  • 160 €/hour (VAT 0 %)
  • Invoicing per each 30 min (80 €/30 min VAT 0 %)
  • Operations outside regular working hours (between 8 am and 4 pm) priced separately

If operations require a physical presence, the customer will be liable for travel costs.

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