Backup and Recovery as a Service (BRaaS)

MultiCom introduces a new way of taking care of the backup and recovery challenges of your organization. Free your personnel and resources for more productive needs and let us offer you our multiple decades of experience at your service. A fixed monthly charge with no up-front investment.

Backup and Recovery as a Service (BRaaS) includes

  • Analyzing customer’s current data protection environments and needs
  • Required upgrades/changes to the existing data protection infrastructure (hardware, software)
  • Management service which includes continuous support and quarterly review and development meeting

Additional services which can be included in the scope of BRaaS contract

  • Change management
  • Technology updates and upgrades
  • Capacity upgrades
  • Daily production and management operations
  • Other customer tailored services (for example specific recovery processes or testing)

To whom?

Backup and Recovery as a Service is an excellent solution for companies which are short of personnel or want to minimize risks by outsourcing specific professional services to more experienced specialists or simply to avoid big renewals or investments along with complicated processes. Data Protection as a Service is a complete solution which can be tailored to the customer’s specific needs and will react to the customer’s current and future requirements in real time.

Backup and Recovery as a Service (BRaaS)

The core of Backup and Recovery as a Service (BRaaS) is a flexible platform (hardware, software) which will be defined based on both the customer’s specific needs, a best fit technology and a vendor. Analyzing the current environment and a possible data protection strategy and technology changes, basic Backup and Recovery as a Service includes:

  • Monitoring data protection environment (including backups)
  • A monthly backup report by email
  • A quarterly review meeting at customer’s premises
  • A remote management of the data protection events (4 hour response time at the agreed service window)
    • Analyzing and/or diagnosing errors
    • Fixing errors
      • Together with the customer specified contact (for example through Skype for Business)
      • Together with the vendor personnel
      • Applying updates/patches to the data protection application
  • Three (3) recovery tickets/requests per month
  • Add-in services (for additional fee);
    • Configuring new and removing abandoned environments
    • Additional recovery requests and configuration changes
    • Operations outside of the agreed service window
    • Operations at the customer premises (local presence)
    • Upgrades to the basic service package

The standard service window for basic Data Protection as a Service is Mon-Fri 08:00-16:00.

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