Professional Services

MultiCom is a leading expert and professional service provider focusing on customer tailored data protection and recovery solutions. Backup and digital archiving solutions have been MultiCom’s main focus expertise areas over twenty five years.

Unstructured Data Analysis Services

Why backup jobs stuck? Why the backup window is too short? Is all the important data backed up? Are unnecessary data volumes included? Is the recovery tested? What is the recovery time? Is the network a bottleneck for data protection goals? Are the data protection architecture and the development plan in line with the business requirements? Is the data stored cost efficiently? How does the increasing cloud service affect your data protection strategy?

The MultiCom data analysis service is able to track the bottlenecks, cost barriers, data protection functionality in practice and the gaps between the reality and the business needs. Find out the best practices and possibilities to save money by investigating in and implementing more cost efficient ways of storing data. Understand the new discontinuity points of the cloud services and learn how to manage them in advance.

Remote Monitoring and Management

Do you have enough resources? Are they focusing on other IT tasks than backup? Do you feel comfortable if you need to perform recovery tomorrow – when was the last time you did a massive recovery? Do you still have operating system versions in production where you have no expertise anymore?

MultiCom’s experienced specialists and consultants have over 25 years knowledge of different operating environments. We can provide your organization with a full data protection as a service (BRaaS) including backup monitoring and recovery management.

Conversions, Migrations, Testing, Installations and Disassembly

Customer data is currently on a wrong media? Data migration needed? Old tape media contains important data but drives in use do not read it? New data center – tape library needs to be relocated?

MultiCom specialists do have needed certifications to disassemble and re-install large tape libraries. The data migrations and conversions can be offered as a service when technology renewals are needed but the old data needs to be restored.


Have you forgotten to do the needed documentation in your IT environment?

A MultiCom professional service covers also the system documentation, the external audit procedures and enables you to do a proper documentation for your future needs.

Flexible Pricing

Is a packaged professional service always needed for a simple or unknown task?

MultiCom can offer specialist and professional services in multiple ways: based on hours/days/weeks or on a fixed price.

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