Storage Assessment Services

MultiCom offers a storage assessment as a service. It maps the customer’s storage environment and produces a vendor independent report of the storage and backup infrastructure including observations in the development areas and/or risks.

Based on the report, the customer is able to plan more efficient operations, to outsource a specified area of expertise to MultiCom’s Backup and Recovery as a Service (BRaaS) or to free internal resources for more productive work/operations. BRaaS can also be implemented on a limited scope to achieve a more cost efficient service.

A storage assessment is typically performed as a remote service and will include:

  • Collecting information from the backup environment (based on the data the customer has provided and analysis tools)
  • Analyzing the collected information and creating a report and summary of them
  • A workshop with the customer where the report and recommendations are presented to meet the business and/or operational requirements

Optionally the report can also include:

  • An information lifecycle report (including the amount of data, type and activity per environment) which provides a comprehensive view to the organization’s data stores and allows defining data sets to be either archived or removed (for example redundant or expired data). This will optimize the storage capacity and further reduce the backup windows and required resources to maintain the storage services.
  • A Development plan for the backup environment including the customer specific requirements (archiving/tiering, CDP, DR and software and/or license optimizations).
  • A Definition of the backup policies (RPO, RTO) and operations, including the observed or possible risks and the recovery from them.
  • The policies will follow the customer specific SLAs and define exceptions on them.

The outcome is a vendor independent report, which allows the customer to develop their storage- and backup environment to be a modern solution and based on the best practices and products.


  • Storage assessment (<20 servers) 1 125 € (VAT 0 %)
  • Options (bundled with the above)
  • Lifecycle analysis (<10 servers) 1 125 € (VAT 0 %)
  • Development plan for a backup environment 1 125 € (VAT 0 %)
  • Definition of the backup policies 1 125 € (VAT 0 %)

If a customer requires a physical presence, the travel costs will be invoiced. Larger environments will be priced separately. Please contact the MultiCom sales.

The storage assessment fee will be reimbursed if the customer has purchased MultiCom BRaaS (full or lite).

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