Storage Support Services

Data is one of the most important assets of an organization. However, protecting the data sufficiently is often neglected until a disaster hits. In case of an emergency, there is no time to be wasted or most importantly, there is no room for hesitation or wrong decisions which could eventually cause even more damages.

MultiCom offers its quarter century’s experience on storage and backup environments at its customers’ service. Whenever problems or an emergency occur, and/or an organization’s own knowhow is insufficient, it is possible to turn to MultiCom’s support service. Based on a fixed monthly fee and per incident based invoicing – without long term contracts – a customer can easily get help and assistance on storage related issues and challenges.

To use the service, a storage assessment, performed by MultiCom, is required (and needs to be ordered separately). It is a guarantee for MultiCom to have a comprehensive understanding about the customer’s environment and helps responding to support incidents.

Support service includes

  • MultiCom’s phone and email support on weekdays between 8 am and 4 pm
  • Experienced Finnish professionals at your service
  • Guidance and/or operations over a remote connection
    • Response time agreed together (”best effort”)
  • Environmental change review semiannually


  • Service fee (basic/fixed) 90 €/month (VAT 0 %)
    • Invoicing 6 months in advance
  • Agreed guidance/instructions per hour 160 €/hour (VAT 0 %)
    • Invoicing per each 30 min (80 €/30 min VAT 0 %)
  • Operations outside the regular working hours (between 8 am and 4 pm) priced separately
  • If the operations require a physical presence, the customer is liable for the travel fees

Operations (examples)

  • Recovery of a single file or a directory after a human error
  • Server/virtual machine recovery after a hardware failure
  • Software or hardware (firmware) upgrades
  • Software or hardware failure/problem diagnostics and corrective actions
    • Repair may require an active maintenance contract with the software/hardware vendor
    • MultiCom co-operates with the vendor’s support services, if required

The support service is a practical solution for an organization lacking know-how or resources, or otherwise wishing to minimize risks and use experienced professionals on specific operations. The support service is vendor independent and MultiCom’s professionals have a vast experience on the most common software- and hardware solutions.

Remote connectivity can be implemented either via MultiCom or customer specified tools (for example Teamviewer, VPN, Webex). If support/repair requires a physical presence, the customer is responsible for arranging access to their environment (data center or such).

MultiCom can offer specialist and professional services in multiple ways: based on hours/days/weeks or on a fixed price.

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