Vendor lock-in näkemys

”Lambda and serverless is one of the worst forms of proprietary lock-in that we’ve ever seen in the history of humanity,”

“It’s code that tied not just to hardware – which we’ve seen before – but to a data center, you can’t even get the hardware yourself. And that hardware is now custom fabbed for the cloud providers with dark fiber that runs all around the world, just for them. So literally the application you write will never get the performance or responsiveness or the ability to be ported somewhere else without having the deployment footprint of Amazon.”

”We’ve heard from our customers, if you cross $100,000 a month on AWS, they’ll negotiate your bill down,” said Polvi. ”If you cross a million a month, they’ll no longer negotiate with you because they know you’re so locked that you’re not going anywhere. That’s the level where we’re trying to provide some relief.”